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Advanced Search Engine

The advanced search engine narrows down the results of the more complex searches by hyperlinking to the advanced search page. The advanced search page encompasses more than 200 classifications and term filters based on our data bank of laser sensor technology and its applications.

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Product rating
Manufacturer confidence index
General Info
Half life or Mission time
Device type
Temperature min.
Temperatur max.
Light source
Laser light wavelength
Laser class
LED group
Performance data
Supply voltage
Current consumption (without load)
Power consumption
Mechanical data
Dimension width
Dimension height
Dimenison length
Dimension radius
Housing material
Lens cover material
Net weight
Housing color
Degree of protection
Protection class
Service Interface
Response time
Working range
--- Only 2D/3D Scanner ---
Protective field data
Detection angle
Minimum adjustable range
Operation range
Measurement data
Distance resolution
Detection range
Angular resolution
--- Only Smart Camera ---
Camera resolution, horizontal
Camera resolution, vertical
--- Only Barcode ---
Scanning Rate

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